Tax Challenges? Bring it On!

Neither business owner nor individual wants to pay more taxes than required, but it takes careful tax planning and preparation to be sure that doesn’t happen. It also requires unique skills, knowledge and an understanding of all facets of your business. Wattay Accounting has the skills and knowledge.

Our approach is to sit, listen and learn about you and/or your business. As a CPA firm are continually working to identify opportunities to reduce the tax burden for our clients.

If you are facing an IRS or state tax examination, we specialize in tackling these challenges and can plan to defend your position with the IRS/States Compliance services we offer.

Protection all year long!

We may see our individual income tax clients only once a year; but, you can be sure that we are protecting your interests during the entire year. We offer more than timely and accurate tax return preparation. We are always following the latest tax law revisions and regulations with your situations in the forefront of our findings to minimize your tax burden.

Wattay Accounting not only will prepare and review your tax returns but we combine the latest knowledge of tax law with practical experience to give you the best possible results.

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