Adam Grant Wattay

Adam G. Wattay has an MBA with a Master in Accounting. Having been a fifteen year Southeast Regional Controller of the fifth largest Accounting firm in the country, the Principal is uniquely qualified to provide assistance, guidance and leadership counsel to all of our Clients. Additionally, while functioning in a CFO capacity the following attributes have allowed him to help grow that region by greater than five times (200 million in Revenue with 900 employees):

Facilitated the firm’s business plan, drove the budgeting process and then piloted the firm’s strategy. Through frequent analysis and communication with the managing partners and line leaders, he continually evaluated the process to improve it, held regular meetings with leadership to ensure target goals were being met and developed contingency plans when they were not. His focus was on specific metrics to lead the firm and create best practice in Net Revenue Growth, Gross Margin%, Realization, Utilization, Net Rate, Days Sales Outstanding, expenses as a % of Net Revenue, and Operating Profit.

As a team member on many committees, he demonstrated longevity and progression throughout his career holding numerous positions of leadership as well as management facing training sessions.

Planned, hired, and managed the regional accounting team to handle payroll, A/P, A/R, and closing process for both the Southeast and Central regions (seventeen offices)

Earning his Bachelor’s degree in two and a half years & his Master’s in just over one, Adam understands the value and impact of timing with the ability to push the envelope for success.

As a CPA firm, Wattay Accounting provides high quality, complete tax compliance and preparation services, professional accounting, consulting and strategic direction for our Clients.

This comprises a comprehensive understanding of each aspect of our Clients’ business including a map with a start point, direction and their planned destination. Specific metrics will be used to measure, understand and adjust the track to reach the specific objectives.

Adam Grant Wattay
Business Strategy Consultant
O (302) 724-9237 Ext. 301 | F (302) 223-6816

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