Helping you navigate in today’s changing business world.

As a CPA firm Wattay Accounting understands the business world is in constant change with technology screaming forward at a speed that makes our updates obsolete almost as soon as they are implemented.

Wattay Accounting’s Clients can depend on our endeavors to keep current on the accounting and tax laws that directly affect the way they do business; am I in the right entity, should I hire employees or use sub-contractors, do I need a bookkeeper, a controller, a CFO or should I have Wattay Accounting in this function at a fraction of the cost; is there an economical way my company can provide benefits, is now the right time to buy new assets or upgrade my technology infrastructure?

Through our consulting practice we navigate our clients to adapt to changes quickly to maintain compliance and to provide them a more competitive edge in their industry.

Our goal is to keep our clients positioned to prosper in this ever changing environment.

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